News Release – July 17, 2023

BELLEVUE, Wash. – With rising global interest in exploring family history that has only grown since the pandemic, more people want to collect, organize, and preserve their family media and memories. The new version of Mylio Photos empowers family historians with every essential tool to quickly find and manage their photos and videos, along with special features designed for genealogy, with one intuitive app. Mylio Photos helps families connect with their pictures from the present and the past – and preserve it all for the future.

Mylio Photos is the first photography software to introduce a dedicated Family History metadata section, an easy-to-use workspace with the most-used metadata fields for genealogy in one convenient place. Family historians can easily tag faces, adjust dates (from decade to specific date), and add locations to photos, videos, and scanned historical documents. Using a Description field, they can add any information about the picture itself, the lives of people shown in the image, historical sources or citations, and more. 


Mylio Photos embeds all this metadata using industry-standard tags that most genealogical and family history websites can read. Mylio Photos is an ideal bridge between users’ online family trees and personal photo collections.

Before submitting family photos to a favorite genealogical site, users can quickly make every picture look its best, using specialized editing tools to improve worn or faded scanned media. For example, one-click tools instantly invert scanned film negatives to positive images, and AutoColor now restores natural color and contrast to scans of washed-out prints, slides, and negatives. Other essential editing tools help crop and straighten images, sharpen details, and add richer contrast. 

Customer privacy is a core priority at Mylio Photos. In contrast to Cloud-based software and storage platforms, users’ media is kept private on their own storage devices like computers and external drives. Automatic encryption will safeguard sensitive information if they want to add Cloud storage. Mylio Photos’ new AI tools process data locally without the privacy risks of Cloud transfers that most AI software relies on.

“Photographs represent memories that only grow more valuable with time. When thinking about the legacy photos represent and what information they contain, we need to consider protecting them long-term,” says David Vaskevitch, Founder and CEO of Mylio. “First and foremost, we must store our photos on our own devices.”

Mylio Photos’ new guided import helps families effortlessly consolidate decades-worth of family photos, videos, and documents from sources like Apple Photos, Google Photos, cameras, computers, external drives, scanners, Instagram, Facebook, and more. 

SmartTags - Dogs

With a lifetime of family memories together in a universal media library, users can accelerate organization with useful AI SmartTags that use computer vision to recognize over 1,000 activities (from basketball to wedding), objects (from jack-o-lantern to Christmas stocking), locations (from school bus to seashore), animals (including pet breeds), and person (smiling or not smiling). With customizable Quick Filters, fully searchable SmartTags revolutionize the photo-finding experience, enabling users to find specific photos in just a few clicks. 

With Mylio Photos+, the optional premium plan, families can protect their family history and precious memories with fully automated backups to multiple drives. Special features simplify library cleanup by identifying duplicate files and helping fit millions of photos on a smartphone without maxing out storage space. Subscribers can easily sync any important full-quality files to a phone or tablet. All Mylio Photos users can easily access all their images, even offline.

Pricing and availability
All new features are available in Mylio Photos for macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS, and Android. They’re also included in Mylio Photos+, a premium subscription plan that expands Mylio Photos’ capabilities, allowing users to connect unlimited devices to a single Cloud-independent media library and protect files from data loss, device theft, disk failure, and other “surprises.” Mylio Photos is a free app with no limit on files added. Mylio Photos+ is available for $99 a year and offers a 30-day free trial; learn more here.

About Mylio Photos
Mylio Photos is the leading Cloud-independent and 100% private software-as-a-service (SaaS) that helps manage, organize, and safeguard a lifetime of important photos, videos, and documents. Mylio’s mission is to change the way the world remembers. 

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