I’m David, the founder of Mylio, and I’m writing this note to everyone who’s the main photographer for your family as well its memory keeper. This holiday season, you’re more important than ever.

David Vaskevitch, Mylio Founder and CEO
David Vaskevitch, Mylio founder & CEO

Why? Because recent years have brought personal loss to most of us. We’ve all missed out on time together, faced financial hardships, and perhaps even lost friends or a family member.  

Just before Covid hit, my mother passed away, and that brought a new appreciation for the past and for the memories that bring it back to life. For me, the most direct path to my memories is through my photos. I’ve found myself returning to the pictures of my mother as a child, but also the pictures of my children — and even the scans I made of their report cards and their “art” — and all the occasions, sad as well as happy, that mark our days.

Our vision

We created Mylio with an ambitious vision: to change how the world remembers. From an early age, I’ve wanted to solve the problem of handling a lifetime’s worth of memories in a better way. After 25 years at Microsoft, culminating with eight years as Chief Technology Officer, I decided to commit the rest of my working life to this mission — and I’ve found an amazing group of people who share that goal.


We’ve spent nearly a decade working on this vision, and recently released Mylio Photos to bring this opportunity to you and everyone who values keeping memories both safe and accessible.

In a few weeks, we’ll ship a significantly improved version that adds groundbreaking ways to organize and share photos, videos, and documents … and we look forward to sharing it all with you.


As the holidays approach, one thing I’ve been suggesting to my friends is that they spend a little time this season organizing their memories. Of course, this includes all the pictures they’ve taken with their phone or digital camera, but I’ve also encouraged them to think about the old slides, prints, and negatives that tie their lives to that of their family and friends.   


The value of organizing your family’s photos

When I tell them that I’ve done this, they always ask me how. So I thought I’d share my process with you. I always think of it in terms of gathering, curating, and showcasing.  

Gather. Start by scanning old family photos. Mobile apps make this easy to do when visiting relatives at their homes and flipping through their old photo albums. At home, I love using the Epson FastFoto scanner to get through piles of pictures. Make a point of asking older family members to share stories that give context to vintage photos, slides, or home movies. I keep videos and notes from these conversations right there in my Mylio Photos.


Curate. Once you’ve collected those pictures, going through them can actually be an upbeat process; it was for me. One thing you’ll likely discover is that you’re inundated with duplicates, but now that Mylio Photos has high-tech tool to help you get rid of them, that’s no longer a problem. Our automatic face tagging — which will allow you to instantly find all the photos of a particular person — is fun and even a little addictive. As you’re going through those pictures, take the time to rate them so the best ones are easy to find.


Showcase. One thing I’m going to start doing is sending rediscovered pictures to friends and family — and ask them to send me theirs. Chances are, I’ve never seen some of the best pictures of myself because they’re on the phone or computer of family members or friends. It’s easy to share images with Mylio Photos but it’s about to get even easier: In 2023, we’ll introduce something truly original that the world has never seen.

Friends and family — for me they’re the meaning of life. Memories are part of that and that’s why we created Mylio Photos. I hope you take the time to bring your memories to life; you won’t regret it.

Happy Holidays,

David Vaskevitch
CEO, Mylio

P.S. If you’d like to try Mylio Photos, you can use the full application free for 30 days risk-free.