News Release – October 3, 2023

Bellevue, WA  — Today, Mylio officially released Mylio Photos (version 24). This major update significantly improves how individuals and small businesses organize and protect their ever-growing collections of photos, videos, and documents.

“At Mylio, we’ve always believed protecting cherished memories and prioritizing user privacy go hand in hand. To achieve this goal, our development process is intentional, grounded in reality, and influenced by the voices of our community,” said David Vaskevitch, CEO of Mylio. “Our users are always at the heart of our journey. As a result, this latest release is more than just an update; it’s a testament to our commitment to protecting important memories while respecting privacy.”

COLLECT: Gather all photos and memories in a single place

Keeping track of cherished moments can be challenging, with media dispersed across various storage devices and platforms. The following new and improved features help users conveniently gather memories in one searchable library.

  • Guided Import: It’s never been easier to add media from various sources, including Apple and Android phones; social media services like Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr; camera cards and folders on a laptop, desktop, or NAS. Users select a source and are guided through importing.
  • DeDupe on Import: Save time and aggravation by automatically removing duplicate files on import. Stop wasting disk space and drowning in clutter.
  • Import: Professional users can import media directly from their account and supported Camera to Cloud devices.
  • Linked Folders: No need to move media or copy files if they’re already on a hard drive. Mylio Photos scans and reads files from their current location on any device.

SELECT: Quickly find and catalog memories with AI-enhanced Dynamic Search

Sifting through an ocean of media to find a perfect memory is frustrating, even overwhelming. With Mylio Photo’s advanced Search and Filter tools, users can effortlessly find and catalog cherished memories so the best moments stand out.

  • Dynamic Search: Mylio Photos uses AI-generated SmartTags, which identify thousands of activities, objects, text, and visual properties in photos. Combined with text recognition, face detection, and a complete index of every camera and lens setting, this creates a robust local database. Dynamic Search provides a comprehensive and blazingly fast way to find photos. The most frequent searches are automatically updated in the background as users add new files to the library. The tools offer results 3–20x faster than standard search technology.
  • Spaces: Users can apply and create subject-specific views of their library, making finding and accessing media easier. To add a photo or folder to a Space, a user taps to categorize it. Easily group photos as Personal, Family, Work, or Private and, in Mylio Photos+, add custom categories.

REFLECT: Explore by person, place, time, and much more

In a fast-paced world, people often forget to savor and share memories. Family History tools and Shared albums offer new ways to preserve the stories of families, keep them in hand, and share them with those who matter most.

  • Shared Albums: Now, Mylio Photos+ allows users to create and curate semi-private albums and share them with a select audience. Images are hosted on non-indexed web pages, improving privacy and control over who can view and download the content. The SafeShare option allows users to strip all metadata before posting for enhanced privacy.
  • Family History Metadata: Those interested in genealogy can now add essential family history information to photos, videos, and documents, including dates, titles, descriptions, people tagging, geotagging, and location shown. Metadata follows standards set by the Family History Metadata Working Group, ensuring files are more discoverable by future generations.
  • FamilySearch Memories: Using the Memories option, users can post photos of their ancestors on, allowing everyone in the user’s family tree to see and enjoy the content. It also connects the content to individual people on the family tree and enters it into a permanent archive for future generations.

CONNECT: Every device connected for access anywhere

Photo libraries are too often confined to a single device or plagued by slow, inconsistent syncing. New features like Mylio Drive ensure favorite memories are organized and universally accessible. Mylio Photos+ users have many new choices.

Unlimited Access, Everywhere

  • SpaceSaver: Allows Mylio Photos+ users to optimize their image library for devices with limited storage space, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Store optimized versions of images on the device while keeping the original-quality files on backup devices (and available on demand). Fit a million optimized raw photos on a phone or tablet for access on the go.
  • Mylio Drive: Unlimited personal and private storage of optimized images on a private server. Mylio Drive helps keep multiple devices in sync while traveling. And every device can access 5×7, print-resolution images with raw photo editing.

More Storage Options

  • Travel Drives: Turn any portable hard drive or SSD (solid state drive) into a Travel Drive, automatically backing up recent pictures on trips and providing Mylio Photos+ users easy access to full-quality photos while on the go.
  • iOS Drive Access: Mylio Photos+ can now use external storage with iOS devices, like an iPad or iPhone. Now, Apple users can use fast and portable SSD drives to significantly expand an iOS device’s capacity. Connected drives work for import, storage, or backup.

Collaborate with Family and Trusted Team Members

  • Remote Control: Manage and adjust settings on any device connected to a Mylio Photos+ account. This tool is critical for users who need to control the core settings, views, and syncing of their family or team members’ devices. Control which Spaces are available, how images sync, and, as needed for added security, require a PIN to switch Spaces or change settings.

PROTECT: Never lose an important photo or video

Too often, photos are stored on a single device that can fail. Portable devices are easily lost or stolen. Mylio Photos+ offers a complete solution for backup that works with devices one already owns for improved privacy and lower costs.

  • Cloud Independence: Syncing every device and protecting every photo with no Cloud storage required is now possible. Devices directly communicate with each other for faster and more affordable backups.
  • Precision Syncing and Encryption in the Cloud: For users who still want the Cloud, get precision syncing based on ratings, EXIF data, labels, and more. Files can be encrypted to protect against privacy breaches and data theft. Mylio Photos works with OneDrive, Google Drive, and S3-compatible cloud storage.
  • Local Storage: With local storage at an all-time low price (and the cost of the Cloud skyrocketing), many are looking for new solutions. Mylio Photos+ offers dramatically faster syncing speeds than the Cloud by using connected drives that every other signed-in device can access.

Setting the Standard

Mylio Photos (version 24) seeks to set a new standard for upholding user privacy. While many companies use AI to learn more about users and their families, Mylio strictly maintains user privacy. All artificial intelligence tools run locally on a user’s devices and transmit no personal data to the company or others for alternative uses.

By combining innovative artificial intelligence tools with local storage and device-to-device communication, a more secure way of organizing, sharing, and protecting personal memories is possible.


Mylio Photos (version 24) is available now on all platforms (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, iPadOS). For existing users of Mylio Photos and Mylio Photos+, the app will automatically update to version 24 for free. New users can download the Mylio Photos app from or their favorite app store to access the newly updated version for free.

  • Mylio Photos is a free application that works on a single device and helps collect and organize photos, videos, and documents.
  • Mylio Photos+, the premium plan, is available for $9.99 per month or $99 (USD) per year.

About Mylio

Mylio is changing the way the world remembers. In a world overflowing with digital media scattered across multiple devices, Mylio Photos helps people bring all their photos, videos, and documents into a single, universal, private library accessible on any device at any time—independent of the Cloud.

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