News Release – July 10, 2023

The new QuickFilters and SmartTags tools reimagine how photographers cull and search through their extensive libraries while keeping photos 100% private and Cloud-independent.

BELLEVUE, Wash. – July 10, 2023 – Mylio Photos, the world’s leading Cloud-independent software that helps manage, protect, and rediscover photos, has introduced a suite of new features to help photographers spend less time finding images across an unlimited number of devices and storage platforms.

The new QuickFilters tool allows photographers to search for images and videos based on visual properties, image quality, camera, lens types, categories (travel, work, personal, etc.), time values, and other metadata. This new feature was developed specifically for creatives with extensive media libraries across multiple devices like cameras, hard drives, memory cards, and cloud storage. Photographers can quickly find the perfect photo using EXIF data and visual properties (details about images, cameras, lenses, and more) and filter using customizable range controls for most camera settings. 


For example, for a photo shoot of over 5,000 photos, finding all images captured in portrait orientation, with automatic white balance, a flash that didn’t fire, and were taken with a 35mm Canon lens will take only a few seconds. With Mylio Photos+, the optional premium plan, this kind of search can happen on a mobile device, even if all the original photos are thousands of miles away on an external hard drive.

The new “By Date” category in QuickFilters allows photographers to see a timeline tree view of all photos in their library across all storage devices and operating systems. Using this feature, finding all photos with fireworks taken during the evening on the 4th of July over the last 20 years happens nearly instantaneously, no matter the size of the library. Creatives can stack filters for precise results and save filter groups for future use.

Portrait and wedding photographers will appreciate additional SmartTags categories to help speed up culling after a shoot, including exposure, people with eyes open or closed, and people smiling or not smiling. SmartTags in Mylio Photos use computer vision to recognize more than 1,000 activities (from scuba diving to weddings), objects (from balloons to street signs), and visual properties (from blurry to underexposed). With customer privacy as the top priority, all AI data processing in Mylio Photos happens locally on photographers’ devices without the usual transfer to the Cloud.

QuickFilters - Visual Properties

Another helpful culling tool, QuickReview mode, expedites image review. Designed to be used on mobile devices with swipe gestures to keep or mark images for deletion, QuickReview can also use keyboard shortcuts, a mouse, or a trackpad on computers.

”Trying to find images by going through a date, typing a keyword, or even looking in specific folders doesn’t give you much help if your collection spans decades,says David Vaskevitch, Mylio Photos’ CEO and Founder. “With Mylio Photos, photographers can find and rediscover any image instantly without storing anything in the Cloud. Access to your photo collection anytime on any device without sacrificing privacy and overpaying for Cloud storage is a game changer.”

Mylio Photos works seamlessly with other apps and saves all changes using industry-standard metadata. Photographers can easily edit files in Lightroom or any external editor using the “Open With” command, then save edited files to their Mylio Photos library. Sharing images via the universal clipboard is a simple copy-and-paste into documents, websites, and more.

With over 4,000,000,000 user photos and videos organized and protected by Mylio Photos, it’s clear that creatives with large libraries value the ability to effortlessly manage their media on multiple devices and across different operating systems. A new guided import tool simplifies adding media spread across multiple sources (including easy imports from Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr) to one universal Mylio Photos library, where it’s easier to find and organize everything in one place.

Guided Import

Mylio Photos is designed with serious amateur and pro photographers in mind, but the software is a complete solution for everyone who loves their photos.

Pricing and availability
All new features are available in Mylio Photos for macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS, and Android. They’re also included in Mylio Photos+, a premium subscription plan that expands the capabilities of Mylio Photos, allowing users to connect an unlimited number of devices to a single cloud-independent media library that is protected from data loss, device theft, disk failure, and other “surprises.”

Mylio Photos is a free app. Mylio Photos+ subscription is available for $99 a year and offers a 30-day free trial.

About Mylio Photos
Mylio Photos is the leading Cloud-independent and 100% private software-as-a-service (SaaS) that helps manage and safeguard a lifetime of important photos and videos – with no limit on files added. Mylio Photos+ users enjoy ubiquitous access to their photos and videos on any device at all times, automatic backups, and special features like Photo Dedupe and SpaceSaver, which helps fit millions of photos on a smartphone without maxing out storage space.

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