Mylio Photos empowers all photographers and visual storytellers to access their photos and videos in one secure and connected library—without need for the internet or cloud.

BELLEVUE, WA – May 9, 2022 — At a time when concerns about security and privacy are at an all-time high, Mylio is unveiling Mylio Photos, a groundbreaking approach to protecting and organizing photos and videos that enables full access to all images and videos—from anywhere, at all times, even without an internet connection or cloud storage.

Mylio Photos creates a private image library that securely connects all devices into a personal network without requiring the internet or the cloud. The application for desktop and mobile will be released later this spring.

Empowering people to take charge of their images is the core of Mylio Photos

Enabling everyone who captures photos and videos to control how their media is stored, protected, and shared is central to Mylio’s mission.

Mylio Photos is changing the way the world remembers,” said David Vaskevitch, CEO of Mylio and the former CTO of Microsoft. “It’s designed for everyday photographers and content creators and is a transformative solution for anyone who wants to protect and organize their photos and videos on their own devices without giving up control by putting them in the cloud.”

With nearly a decade of development, Mylio Photos leverages local media storage and device-to-device syncing and backup. Mylio Photos connects an image library across a user’s multiple screens to offer uninterrupted access, even without the internet or the cloud.

Mylio Photos means easy access to all images—even on the go

  • Doesn’t require internet or cloud connections to view or edit.
  • Allows all images to always be stored locally on all devices.
  • Optimizes raw images to less than 5% of their original size for convenient and editable access from phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Offers significant speed advantages through the use of a local network and peer-to-peer connections.
  • Downloads original files on-demand to any device.

Never lose a photo or video

  • Automatically syncs and backs up originals to a local hard drive.
  • Protect portable devices like laptops and phones with automated syncing to a home computer.
  • Monitor photo library status from anywhere with the Sync panel.
  • Keep photos private with encrypted backups to an optional cloud service.

Finding favorite images has never been faster

  • Automatically organize and search with private facial and text recognition.
  • Interactive Life Calendar™ showcases important life events with related photos and videos.
  • Quickly search by location, device camera, lens, and much more.
  • Enables the discovery of forgotten images by consolidating scattered media from old hard drives, memory cards, scanned prints and slides, and social media.

Conveniently edit photos, with total control over the process

  • Edits photos anywhere, with no need for the internet or the cloud.
  • Enhances images with industry-standard, nondestructive editing tools.
  • Edits original and optimized raw files on mobile devices.
  • Works with all photo software; easily hand off to desktop editing software with one click.
  • Brings an entire library to favorite mobile apps with the Mylio Photos Share menu.

Mylio Photos will be available as an application for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Mylio Photos includes a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and offers free customer training and support.

About Mylio Photos

Mylio Photos is changing the way people organize and protect a lifetime of photos. For more information, visit