Rewarding photography sessions tend to happen when we’re out in the world exploring our surroundings. That’s why Mylio proudly partners with photography influencers and educators like Jefferson Graham, host of the travel series PhotowalksTV on YouTube, to sponsor local, in-person photography events.

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, Mylio is hosting a San Diego Photowalk led by Graham and Angela Andrieux, our very own product evangelist. Free to attend, this morning get-together (9-10:30 a.m. PDT) takes place at Embarcadero Marina Park South, the perfect location for capturing photos of scenic skyline and the waterfront. Just bring your camera or smartphone. Graham and Andrieux will answer your questions and show tips and tricks for getting great photos with any camera.

photo credits: Jefferson Graham

Jefferson Graham’s take on storing and managing photos

A prolific writer-photographer as well as a TV and podcast series host, Graham has taken a LOT of photos over his decades-long career. In fact, he has more than 40 terabytes (TBs) of photos and videos stored on multiple hard drives and in the cloud.

Forty-plus TBs may sound a bit outrageous. But the reality is that every year, cameras produce even higher resolution images than previously (including hefty versions of raw files on your smartphone) and our storage solutions are constantly running out of room.

Graham says he doesn’t trust big tech companies to take care of his images for a multitude of reasons. He’s concerned about device usage rules. For example, if you delete photos on your iPhone because you’ve run out of storage, Apple will also delete them from iCloud. “It’s also important to consider what happens if you lose access to your account,” he says. “Or if there’s a death in the family and nobody knows their password.”


Why Graham uses Mylio Photos to store and manage his photo library

“Yes, your photos and videos should be online, but they should also be physically at your fingertips,” Graham says. “They’re your precious memories. You own them.”

He began using Mylio Photos because it offers the best of both worlds: local storage with the option of encrypted cloud storage, he says. “The software works with the devices, and hard drives you own to produce online – and offline – access to your entire photo library on your computer, phone, or tablet.”

“You can finally tame your collection and you know where everything is,” he says. “Snap a photo or video on your smartphone and watch with wonder as it shows right up in the Mylio Photos app seconds later. Transfer a memory card full of photos into a hard drive and watch it show up in the app as well. That’s pretty amazing.”

To join the San Diego Photowalk, register here.