“That was so fast,” internet tech and lifestyle creator Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine, exclaimed with a gasp after applying a black and white filter to a photo. “I mean, that automatically changed on my iPad, and I just made that edit on my phone!”

iJustine’s enthusiastic delight happened on-camera during a live product demo. But, as she later told Mylio’s product designer, Matt Vollet, during an Instagram Live chat, it was a 100% authentic reaction.

Before I filmed the video, I hadn’t tried any of the filters,” she explained. “So when I pushed it, I was like ‘Ah, that just changed instantly!’ I was so amazed by it.”

iJustine reacting to how fast Mylio syncs her photos

The more she explored Mylio, the more iJustine realized… it’s so much more than simply another photo storage app. Automatic (and instant!) cross-device synchronization is only one of the many ways Mylio makes it easy to manage and protect your treasured photo memories.

Mylio is also one of the few photo organizing apps out there that addresses an issue that’s important to many people in the tech community, including iJustine: privacy.

How private is your cloud-based photo library?

If you’ve ever felt anxious about trusting your lifetime of photos to the cloud, you’re not alone. While cloud adoption increases in the workplace, security concerns continue to emerge.

Even if you aren’t worried about hackers, you may wonder who else is looking at your personal photos and why. For example, some cloud-based photo storage services use artificial intelligence (AI) to scan your photos for data. Don’t forget—these companies are in business, and that means generating revenue. They do that by collecting information about every aspect of your behavior to help their advertisers precisely target you with ads. As the expression goes, ‘If the service is free, you are the product.’ 

So what does it all mean? Your private cloud-based photo library may not be so private after all. But there’s a perfect alternative.

Mylio is so wonderfully different

Because Mylio isn’t dependent on the cloud or the internet, you’re in complete control of your files. Your files live on your own devices, stored locally and privately.

Mylio’s direct peer-to-peer syncing works in a flash across platforms, devices, and operating systems. Your original photo files won’t lose quality due to automatic compression. Plus, private, local storage means that no one else will be looking at them.

So how does it all work? Mylio syncs over a peer-to-peer connection to ensure that photos and videos are shared between your devices quickly and safely. Peer-to-peer means that your devices do not utilize the internet or the cloud to transfer photos. Instead, Mylio uses a direct wireless connection between your devices to sync information.

Long story short? Mylio empowers you to break free of the cloud when it comes to your personal photos.

From an instant to a lifetime

Although iJustine’s photo edits did back up across her devices in an instant, she’s really just getting started with Mylio. In fact, since that product demo, she has incorporated it into her complex, multi-project workflow. She now entrusts Mylio with all of her personal and professional digital assets, gathered into one comprehensive library she can quickly access anywhere, anytime.

But you don’t need to be an iconic tech content creator to get game-changing value from using Mylio. People like you are already protecting more than 1 billion of their treasured digital assets with Mylio, the absolute best photo organizing solution that is purposely designed to allow you to avoid depending on the cloud.

iJustine’s list of top Mylio features

  • All your photos — from any source — in one unified library
  • Lightning-fast sync
  • Next-level organization including smart (and private) face-tagging
  • Works great with or without connection to the internet or the cloud
  • Great for traveling (or rural areas) that lack reliable broadband access
  • Your photos are yours, stored privately on your devices. (Never on the cloud unless you choose it.)
  • Snappy performance, even with massive photo libraries
  • Support for unlimited photo storage and devices
  • An elegant interface: Calendar, Map, People Views

And all without compromising privacy and security? You can hardly blame iJustine for being so pleasantly surprised. To learn how Mylio makes it easy for you to organize, manage, and protect the visual story of your life, download the app for free today.