David Vaskevitch, Mylio Founder and CEO

Hello! My name is David Vaskevitch and I am the founder and CEO of Mylio. To start with, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for trusting Mylio to help manage your most important photos. Mylio was founded to help people discover, organize, and protect the precious memories that are stored in our photo and video collections.

Today, we are releasing a whole new version of our software. It incorporates innovative new ideas as well as direct feedback from you, the customer. The application also receives a new name: Mylio Photos. This is for two reasons. First, the number of improvements is enormous, and we want to draw attention to the significant product and usability improvements (which will keep coming each quarter). Second, we want to make it clearer to new and potential users how the application can benefit them.

We value your opinions and your experience

Over the past year, we spent a great deal of time on video calls with users, carefully watching as they used Mylio Photos to better understand what makes the product easy and hard to use. A primary goal for the new release was to make it easier to get Mylio Photos set up in the first place. But everyone will benefit from faster import times, better status updates, and faster syncing. 

Our goal moving forward is to clearly focus on the challenges and needs that our customers have when using Mylio Photos. Both new and existing users will find simplifications, improvements, and efficiency changes all through the product that make it easier and more enjoyable to use. We hope these improvements make you (even more) excited about convincing your friends and colleagues that they, too, should be using Mylio Photos soon. 

Enjoy discovering what’s new and better in Mylio Photos

I’m sure you’ll discover your own favorite improvements and new tools, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you:

  • Deduplication is one of those features nobody thinks of at first, but it turns out almost everybody needs it. Now you can quickly deal with the multiple copies of photos that so easily proliferate throughout a library. When you start Mylio Photos, the software immediately knows about your dupes without having to do a time-consuming scan. I hope you have fun using dedupe – it’s really fast!
  • Face tagging (with total privacy) is another feature that is both important, and fun to use. Some users have been asking, why we can’t “just tag the face” (instead of requiring an approval step). Well, with this new release, auto-tagging is a reality.
  • Fetch originals makes it easier to edit and share your photos. If you’re working with a device like a laptop or a phone that doesn’t have originals, Mylio Photos can request them when needed.  For example, when you share a photo or want to edit it, Mylio Photos can connect to another device and download them to the device you’re using.
  • Faster all around. Mylio Photos is faster, too, in many important ways. For instance, you can bring in pictures from linked folders. With the Import menu, it’s easy to tell Mylio Photos to link to an existing folder on a hard drive. Those pictures are available to use very quickly. Another thing I love is that items added to a folder in the Mylio Photos file system are detected sooner and updated more predictably.

There is a lot more, but I want to give you a chance to discover the rest yourselves as you use the new Mylio Photos application. We have worked hard to build the best release ever – for you the user, you the community member, and you our supporter. Be sure to update the software on all your devices as it will need to upgrade your catalog.  

For me, Mylio Photos is a labor of love. Our mission statement is Changing the way the world remembers. This intention means we are committed to making it much easier to bring together and access the memories of your lifetime. And it also includes effectively managing the thousands of family photos and videos that represent those memories. Mylio Photos has become important to my life, and I hope it is or becomes important in yours.

Again, thank you, and I always look forward to hearing from you.