Mylio Photos’ product offerings are changing later this Spring to better serve our users.

Our guiding lights

Our next software update — version 22.2 — is much more than just a number. We’ve been hard at work on dramatic improvements to Mylio Photos. 

We have five core benefits that guide our software development. Each of these benefits defines how Mylio Photos is intended to serve those who use it.

Collect — Gather all your photos and memories together in a single personal and private collection. Mylio Photos holds an unlimited number of files on fast, local storage.

Connect — Browse and share your favorite memories from any device, plus sync automatically from portable devices while on the go. Mylio Photos means never having to choose which photos to leave behind. Your phone, tablet, or laptop can browse and share all the memories you have stored on your home computer and hard drives.

Select — Find and catalog your memories easily thanks to the fastest and most robust Search tools. Mylio Photos should have the fastest and most reliable search and filter tools.

Reflect — Browse your favorite memories using a variety of views that work like human memory.  Explore by person, place, time, and much more. We take pictures to remember what matters most … revisiting memories should be easy and fun.

Protect — Use multiple backup methods with Mylio Vault Drives.  Avoid the cost and privacy risks associated with traditional cloud services. Nothing is more important than keeping your collection of photos and videos safe.

What’s next?

We’ve been hard at work to make Mylio Photos better in every important way.  Three essential releases will roll out rapidly and reveal several improvements and new benefits.

  • May — The first preview release for Mylio Photos (v. 23) – update 22.2
  • Midsummer — The second preview release for Mylio Photos (v. 23) – update 22.3
  • End of Summer — The new Mylio Photos (v.23) – release 23.0

While we cannot reveal all the details yet, we can tell you these three releases were designed around extensive customer feedback and research.  As a result, each release contains important changes that improve both the ease of use and make Mylio Photos more powerful, including several which address long-standing feature requests. 

Note: Schedules can change… So can features. So the details in this article are a well-formulated and highly-likely plan that might change a little over time. But we’re really excited to share these things with you.

Can you be a little more specific?

We don’t want to tease you with vague promises, so here are our top ten things expected to ship this Spring and Summer.  Many of these features will be released with the opportunity for you to provide further input as we expand the capabilities of these new tools.

1. Precision Syncing — Complete control over every device with the ability to create custom syncing recipes.  It’s never been easier to sync exactly the photos you need for cloud-free access. Getting your devices set up just right has never been easier.

2. Groups for People — These are a lot like albums for people.  Easily group people by what they have in common.  Create groups for friends, family, clubs, work, etc.  Then you can use these groups for easier photo-sharing and search.

3. Space Saver & Accelerated Device Setup — Our new Space Saver technology creates an optimized image library on a secure server. The data is fully encrypted, so only your devices can see and use it. Using Space Saver, you can fit up to 15X more photos on mobile devices. Selecting the Space Saver option speeds up the setting up of new devices and many photo-sharing tasks when on the go. As a result, Mylio Photos is the perfect way to have all your photos on your iOS or Android device without running out of room.

4. QuickFilters — While we had Filters before, the new experience of finding the right photo has never been more effortless. Easily sort photos based on specific criteria.  Things like date, camera, file type, the person in the photo, location, and more. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of pictures, you can get to the perfect photo in two to three clicks.

5. Visual Styles — Give your image a great look with our new photo editing tool.  Powered by lookup tables (LUTs), you can use creative recipes.  Simulate film, creative color, and rich black and white photography. Your images look amazing and can have visual consistency with a classic look. These aren’t presets, they are digital film.

6. Folder Tree — We’ve added an interactive tree to navigate folders which includes drag-and-drop capabilities for organizing files. It’s everything you need to stay organized, even from your tablet or smartphone.  If you love folders, you’ll love our improved Folder view.

7. Search Results Page — Easily browse your search results in a more organized way.  Plus, new search methods make finding the perfect launch point to explore your photos easily. Results are categorized using a combination of AI, image data, and more.  A search for a single word can bring perfectly organized results in less than one second.

8. QuickCollections — Think of these as Smart Albums with superpowers.  Build custom groups of photos using metadata, tags, categories, ratings, people, lens data, and AI.  Then use these groups to find collections that automatically update with new relevant photos.  You can even choose to sync devices using QuickCollections.

9. Metadata and Keyword Editing — These are really two features, but if you need one, you need the other.  We’re adding complete control over keywords and image metadata.  We’re also expanding metadata support to cover important fields that organize genealogical data for those into family history. If you want to be truly organized and make images that are discoverable for future generations, you need Mylio Photos.

10. SmartTags — The power of AI instantly makes all your photos searchable.  Choose what you want to see (or hide things you don’t want to see).  You can search for objects, activities, animals, plants, colors, and so much more. Plus, they can even be promoted to actual keywords. (And don’t worry, all analysis happens on your device with no data or photos shared to the Internet).

Is that all?

No, there’s a lot more.  But we’ve also expanded the abilities of many existing tools as well.  We’ve listened to your feedback and boosted some of your favorite things.

  1. New keyboard shortcuts — We’ve significantly expanded the keyboard shortcuts to help power users get things done more quickly. Want to see some of the requests? Check out this thread.
  2. Updated phone user interface — Mylio on mobile has a lot of unique and amazing tools.  But, it felt a little cluttered (and relied too much on reading glasses).  We’re polishing the app for an experience that is easier to read and navigate.
  3. Expanded camera support — We’re launching support for many new cameras to give you more choices. The Mylio Photos team prioritizes keeping our 16-bit photo engine up-to-date for the newest raw formats. We have updates for Sony, Canon, FujiFilm, Nikon, and Panasonic on the way. We’ve even added the new Camera to Cloud workflows.
  4. QuickAlbum — Mylio Clipboard gets a new name and more features.  Gather your favorite photos while browsing, and then have an easy way to export, share, or collect.
  5. Improved Vaults — Setting up a protection vault is so much easier.  Plus, you’ll find new features to help protect your files. More soon, but nothing is better than knowing your photos are safe.

That’s a lot…

Yes. That’s why we’re splitting it across several quick releases to make it easier to learn and to truly bring you joy.  There’s so much more, but we would like to (pleasantly) surprise you too.  But I will say that secure and private photo-sharing is very much a priority.  As are new ways to protect the important memories that your photos, videos, and documents represent.

What’s the catch?

This is where some of you expect us to say things about a price change…. or extra limitations.  So, here we go. Yes, there are some changes — but they are in your favor.

  • Price change? There is NO change in price for subscribers.  We’re keeping the price exactly the same to get all of the Mylio Photos benefits you know and love.
  • Name change? Sort of. We’re updating the names to make it easier to explain the differences between the paid and free versions. Our free product is called Mylio Photos.  Our paid product is now called Mylio Photos+.

A quick comparison

All that in a free app?

Yes! We’d appreciate it if you told all your friends and family too. After much research and listening to our customers, we realized our free product had too many restrictions to make it truly useful. 

The free version of Mylio Photos is very capable, and we think they’ll love it.

  • Unlimited Storage: No more 5,000 photo limit. You now have unlimited storage; the only limit here is your hard drive size.  Need more disk space? Just add a bigger drive and add your images as a linked folder.
  • Unlimited Devices: No more three-device limit; you can install the Mylio Photos application on as many devices as you need.

Know someone who needs to organize their pictures and easily search, browse, or visually enhance them?  Tell them about Mylio Photos. We think they’ll find it the fastest and easiest way to do that and so much more.

Who should pay?

Mylio Photos+ users get lots of benefits. Here are the top 5 (with even more to come);

  • Device Syncing – Keep devices in sync or browse across devices
  • Protection Vaults – Protect against device loss or failure     
  • Photo DeDupe – Remove unwanted copies of photos.
  • Secure Sharing – Privately share photos.
  • Premium Support – Get help from experts and real humans.  


We hope so… and we’ll explore the new tools and benefits in much greater detail in the coming weeks.  Tell your loved ones and friends to check out Mylio Photos and Mylio Photos+.  We’ve been working hard to make it easier, faster, and more fun to use.