News Release – October 10, 2023

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Mylio announced today that Versioned Media Uploader, the second phase of its industry-first integration connecting all video and photography creative apps to the storage and collaboration platform is in beta testing and will be released this winter. For media production teams and individual contributors using Camera to Cloud (C2C), Mylio Photos can serve as an easy-to-use and efficient hub: connecting workflows and making it easier to work with new assets captured to the Cloud.

What is Camera to Cloud?

Camera to Cloud technology means a photographer can capture in the field and instantly send images back to a team, including a client, producer, and an image retoucher. Or, a video crew can work on-set with each clip transferred as soon as it’s captured, speeding up post-production and collaboration. 
Fujifilm and RED have launched the world’s first cameras to support native camera-to-cloud integration, delivering still photo and video files (including raw and original camera files) to directly from the cameras.

Cameras with native C2C integration include Fujifilm’s X-H2, X-H2S, and GFX100ll; RED’s V-RAPTOR and KOMODO; and Filmic Pro. C2C technology helps accelerate production workflows and enable real-time collaboration with centralized access to assets, even across multiple users. There are also hardware tools that enable other cameras without internal integrations, including recorders from Atomos, Teradek, and Accsoon.

Mylio Photos Makes the Cloud Faster and More Secure

Adding Mylio Photos to the mix means that those collaborating with have new options. Mylio Photos easily connects to projects and can then securely transfer files to local storage as well as handle the handoff of files to other creative software tools. Mylio Photos serves as a central hub for managing all of the media that are captured.

Key Features of Camera to Cloud Integration in Mylio Photos: Folder Importer for Mylio Photos

Log in and access all your projects and folders. Users can then quickly import to their Mylio Photos library and local storage. Mylio Photos’ Open With command makes handoff files to photo editing and video editing tools easy. This means assets from can be seamlessly exchanged with any software tool. Plus, files are mirrored on local drives for faster access speeds and no internet connectivity issues. Project Watcher for Mylio Photos


Easily watch C2C projects and mirror them to local or network storage. As new items from shoots come in, files are instantly backed up and ready for editing. Mylio Photos can even sync watched projects and folders to multiple physical drives, automating the download and offloading of assets for easy imports as a project unfolds. Versioned Media Uploader

Throughout the creative process, files will be enhanced and modified. Mylio Photos tracks the files as they are edited. When ready to share, Mylio Photos users can click on the updated file and post it to the project to share with collaborators. New uploads are “stacked” with the existing project and shown as versions for easy commenting and distribution.

“We’re truly excited by the Camera to Cloud technology. It means that professional photographers and video crews do not have to stop their capture process to collaborate with others. What we wanted to do with Mylio Photos is make those files easier to work with,” said Rich Harrington, Mylio’s Product Lead. “Mylio Photos is the perfect hub for your Camera to Cloud projects and storage. Creative pros can seamlessly combine this exciting new storage and collaboration toolset with all of their other tools, software and hardware. Mylio Photos is both the glue and the connector.”

Key Benefits of Using Mylio Photos with

Work on Any Platform, Any Device

Mylio Photos is compatible with macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, and Android. Browse, organize, edit, and share—using the devices that work for you—wherever you are.

Download Files Once, Work and Share Faster with Teams

Mylio Photos connects to and direct attached storage. These hard drives offer significant speed boosts when working with large photo and video files—rather than frequent uploads and downloads to the Cloud via the internet. Plus, local-storage mirroring means offline access and no need for constant high-speed data connections.

Work Securely with Complete Control

Both tools store media securely, with invite-only access. If using Mylio Photos to sync drives in multiple locations, Mylio Photos transmits all data in a secure, encrypted state. Plus, Mylio Photos offers advanced drive-syncing technology with precise controls based on metadata and AI (artificial intelligence).


Mylio Photos’ current version (24) includes File Importer and Project Watcher. Versioned Media Updater will be in an update expected to be released this Winter. Mylio Photos’ free plan includes the essential functionality to import from and then seamlessly exchange files with all other photo and video applications—making it a seamless hub. The ability to upload edited files as versions will also be included with the free plan.

Paid Mylio Photos+ members get the added benefit of automatic project watching, which vastly simplifies mirroring their media to multiple hard drives for automatic backup and local and offline access. Everything stays up to date as their C2C stills and footage roll in dynamically. Plus, it’s easy to set up a fully automated 3-2-1 backup solution.

About Mylio

Mylio is changing the way the world remembers. In a world overflowing with digital media scattered across multiple devices, Mylio Photos helps people bring all their photos, videos, and documents into a single, universal, private library accessible on any device at any time—independent of the Cloud.

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