When it comes to photo memories, our brains work differently. Some of us tend to think about dates, or when things happened. Others think about people, or who we were with. Still others primarily recall places, or where things happened. That’s why Mylio offers Calendar, People, and Maps views. But Life Calendar™ is where Mylio gets really interesting — and unique among photo management applications as a tool to find photos fast.

How Life Calendar works

Like most photo apps, Mylio’s Calendar view displays your photos chronologically, in order of the date taken. It’s a useful, straightforward way to view images. But if you’ve got a ton of photos (like I do) and want to find a specific one but aren’t clear on the date, the search can be frustratingly slow.

That’s where Life Calendar makes it far easier to find photos fast.

Mylio Life Calendar view shows photos from events in the 2010s decade

Here’s the simple formula: Start with Mylio’s default Calendar view. Start adding your Events, either manually or by linking your online calendar. (More on that later.) The result: A visually appealing calendar format that shows the titles of your events — for example, Mom’s 38th birthday, Thailand, Jack’s high school graduation — on the cover photos for each year, month, and/or day.

Life Calendar’s appealing visual display makes it more fun to find photos. Browsing through the important moments of your life is much better than opening and closing a series of computer files.

Link online calendars to your photo library and Life Calendar

Linking your existing calendars to Mylio’s Calendar view is a great way to have your photos automatically organized by your real-life events (aka Life Calendar).

First, assess your online calendars to figure out which make sense to link. Mylio imports calendars such as Google, iCloud, and Outlook. Usually, you’ll want to link your personal calendar (or calendars), where you enter big events like vacations, weddings, birthdays, and other holidays.

Birthdays and Holidays turned on in Mylio Settings for Linked Calendars

You can link calendars as you are setting up Mylio, or afterwards. During the process, you’ll be able to choose to give your calendars nicknames, import events only when Mylio detects photos or videos taken on a particular date, and enter keywords for calendars that will prevent Mylio from displaying a certain event. Learn more about how to customize your linked calendars.

Personalize your Life Calendar cover photos

Mylio populates your Calendar view automatically, choosing cover photos for each year, month, and day. But you can select other photos if they better represent a particular time period or event. This not only helps when you’re looking for pictures of particular events, but it also makes your experience when browsing your Life Calendar more personal.  

Mylio Life Calendar view showing Events in color-coded Categories

Additional organization tools to help find photos fast

All about dates: Mylio takes the metadata from your images and uses that information to situate your photos where they belong in Calendar view. But the app is smart enough to know that this process doesn’t always yield 100% helpful results.

For instance, if you’ve added scans of old family photos, the metadata will log the date the prints or slides were scanned rather than when they were taken. So, a photo of grandpa and his first car lands in 2021 rather than 1966, or 1936. No worries: Mylio makes it easy to change the date of a single photo or a batch of pictures.

If you don’t know the year a photo was taken — was Mom seven or eight then? — you can add a date range instead of single date.  Learn more about setting “fuzzy dates” in Mylio. If you’d prefer not to assign a timeframe, you can also select “undated.”

You can go as deep as you want with organizing your photos in Mylio, using color-coded Categories like Family, Travel, and Documents, for Events and more. With Mylio, any amount of customization that you want to add to our automatic organization will make an hours-long hunt for a specific photo a thing of the past.

Categories list in Mylio General settings

Get a great organization overview from out our in-house expert in 7 Pro Tips to Organize Your Photos. Or visit Getting Started in Support, for more info about Mylio and Life Calendar.

To try Mylio for free, download the app now.