Making documentaries requires a lot of hard work — and a lot of storage space. Just ask young filmmaker Jacob Rush. After assessing Mylio Photos‘ accessibility, Rush added the app to his video production workflow. The result? Time savings that improve his efficiency, he recently told Mylio.

As president of Triple Knot Productions (a small film company his stepfather founded in 2006), Rush creates educational and motivational films about people living with disabilities. For instance, he has made films about people living with brain injuries, neurological disorders, autism, cerebral palsy, and spinal cord injuries. 

“I always like to test products and applications because I’m someone who uses one hand since I have a slight form of cerebral palsy,” Rush said. “If I can figure it out one-handed, then somebody else with a disability can also figure it out.”

Videographer filming a green screen
Photo by Jacob Rush

A more efficient, accessible video production workflow

Rush’s workload involves shooting raw footage, interviews, and B-roll on his iPhone and his digital cameras. Managing multiple large image files from different sources and tracking version control amid tight shooting and production timelines can be challenging.

Mylio Photos provides solutions on both fronts, Rush discovered. Because the application and service is designed to allow users to manage photos and videos privately on their own devices, data storage options are essentially unlimited. (Need more storage? A 5TB external drive like this Seagate model will store about 1 million photos.) In addition, Mylio Photos automatically and instantly syncs any file edits across all devices that are running the app.

Let’s hear from Rush about his experience with Mylio Photos.*

Q: How did you discover Mylio’s accessibility?

I found Mylio Photos’ camera giveaway campaign with iJustine on Instagram and downloaded the app. I like to try out apps to see the accessibility features. Plus, I love iJustine’s content. She finds really great products that just work.

videographer editing on computer at desk
Photo by Jacob Rush

Q: When did you add Mylio Photos to your workflow?

June 2021. I absolutely fell in love with it. Since I use it daily, I decided to subscribe. To my mind, the subscription is pretty affordable. The cost is similar to Dropbox.

Q: What’s your Mylio Photos workflow?

My iPad works best for certain tasks, my phone for other things, and my Mac for additional tasks. I edit with Final Cut Pro. With Mylio Photos, I can make a change on one device and see it instantly sync to my other devices. That has made all the difference in the world.

Q: How much data are you managing with Mylio Photos? 

My library is close to 25 TB (terabytes) including photos, videos, interviews, B-roll, edited footage, and raw footage. I also use Mylio Photos to manage the digital assets for projects that are not related to my business. And all my personal photos are now organized in folders on the app.

videographer behind a video camera
Photo by Jacob Rush

Q: What are your favorite Mylio Photos features?

The Calendar view allows me to easily go back to see what video we captured on a certain date. And as I’ve said, I love being able to make changes on my phone and having them automatically show up on my other two devices without having to do anything. It is the biggest time saver.

Mylio Photos just works seamlessly within my workflow. I would definitely recommend it to people in the video production business who want an application that’s able to store any type of content, and makes it easy to access your content across multiple devices.

Q: Does data privacy concern you? 

Privacy is something I take really seriously. In addition, I want to protect the data security of the people with disabilities I work with. We don’t want personal information getting out to the whole entire world. I feel secure with Mylio Photos. I don’t have to worry about someone hacking into my internet-based account.

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•This Q&A has been edited for clarity and brevity purposes.